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Boplan Australia on board

Boplan Australia on board

Manufacturer of safety products Boplan Australia is the latest in a slew of businesses to join MEGATRANS2018.

The company designs, develops and manufactures sustainable fall and collision protection and services numerous industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, airports, drilling platforms and (petro)chemical sites worldwide. ‘

Boplan Australia will be showcasing its unique systems of barriers that separate driven materials handling equipment from personnel staff. The flexible polymer systems are designed to make workplaces safe and increase efficiency and productivity.

A Boplan Australia spokesperson said the company decided to exhibit at MEGATRANS2018 as they were excited about the possibilities the multimodal supply chain and logistics platform presents.

“MEGATRANS creates a great potential for customers and exhibitors to link together and share new information in a stream of communication to help to improve processes and safety,” the spokesperson said.

“Like any exhibition, it’s all about networking and seeing what the latest trends are on the market and what could benefit your organisation.

“We’re hoping to crossover into different industries. Most exhibitions focus on a specific category, so we’re excited to receive some exposure amongst new markets.”

To join Boplan Australia and other leading businesses exhibiting at MEGATRANS2018, contact Anastasia Razdiakonova: P 03 9690 8766 E