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Five reasons why you should attend MEGATRANS2020

Five reasons why you should attend MEGATRANS2020

It’s almost time for the logistics, transport, supply chain and materials handling industries to come together in Melbourne for what is hailed as the networking event of the year, MEGATRANS2020.

While the final programme details are currently being finalised, here are five reasons why you should attend this year:

1. Meet with experts and influencers in your sector

MEGATRANS will bring together the best and brightest in your industry for three days of networking and learning. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with new partners, sponsors and some of the leading minds in the logistics industry.

2. Network, network, network

By attending the largest supply chain and logistics conference in Australia, you’ll get the chance to connect with industry leaders and innovators during the speaker programme, exhibition and various networking and awards events surrounding the show. Make the most of this opportunity by grabbing a stack of business cards and engage with potential peers and partners.

3. Connect with potential customers

At MEGATRANS2018, attendees and exhibitors alike commented on the ample opportunities they had to connect with new customers and clients. This year, there will be more exhibitors and attendees offering a variety of ways to connect with new business.

4. See the latest innovations in action 

Across the logistics industry margins are getting tighter and tighter, and efficiency and productivity gains are at the top of everyone’s priority list. At MEGATRANS2020 you will be able to see the latest innovations in your sector in action. 2018’s event featured robotics, 3D printing, drones, sensors, smart scanning, electric vehicles and forklifts and 2020’s conference will feature even more of the latest ground-breaking technology that is designed to make logistics processes as seamless and efficient as possible.

5. Remain at the forefront of the digital revolution

If you’re interested in staying on the cutting edge of your industry, then MEGATRANS is the place to be. With exhibitors showcasing the latest technology across Industry 4.0, including robots, drones, autonomous vehicles and more, MEGATRANS is set to preview the trends that will shape the next ten years of logistics.

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