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The future of zero-carbon warehouses takes centre stage at MEGATRANS2024 

The future of zero-carbon warehouses takes centre stage at MEGATRANS2024 

MEGATRANS2024 will shine a light on the potential for zero-carbon warehouses at its 2024 event. 

To achieve zero carbon emissions, warehouses are adopting a combination of energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy sources, and carbon offset strategies. This is where MEGATRANS2024 comes into play.  

From electric industrial equipment through to renewable energy solutions, MEGATRANS will bring together companies offering zero carbon solutions. It will welcome warehouse managers, commercial real-estate developers, and leading e-commerce companies who are seeking to implement sustainable solutions into their next major development, or retrofit their current operations. 

 “MEGATRANS2024’s focus on zero-carbon warehouses aligns with the global shift towards sustainability in business practices.” Show Director Lauren Chartres said. “The event has the potential to contribute significantly to the adoption of eco-friendly solutions in the supply chain industry while fostering collaboration and innovation.” 

Industry leaders including Combilift, focused on sustainable materials handling equipment; Loscam, focused on sustainable pallet solutions; and Hard Surface Cleaners that offers eco-friendly washing solutions have already joined the show, to display their sustainable solutions. 

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