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Sphere Global signs on for MEGATRANS2018

Sphere Global signs on for MEGATRANS2018

Materials handling and packaging automation business Sphere Global will showcase its wares this May at MEGATRANS2018.

The business helps companies coordinate the flow of materials and supplies through large manufacturing operations, warehouses and distribution centre.

A Sphere Global spokesperson said MEGATRANS2018 – as an international multimodal logistics and supply chain trade show – presents an exciting opportunity.

“We decided to exhibit at MEGATRANS 2018 as we’re were excited about the possibilities of this show. We were interested in the potential size of visitors who would attend and liked the fact that it’s hosted in Melbourne,” the Spokesperson said.

“Also, we have a number of great products we’re eager to showcase and introduce to many attendees.”

The show’s size and diversity of related industry sectors were major drawcards for Sphere Global.

“The diversity of MEGATRANS is significant, but for our companies, who sell a great range of products, we don’t find that as challenging as what some may. We have always aimed to provide a solution for a lot of workplace problems and this is evident in our extensive range of products,” the spokesperson said.

Sphere Global will be displaying automated fulfilment systems and in-motion weight and scan systems (DWS) at the show. The company will also be launching a new system, with finer details still to be confirmed.

“We hope this exhibition is successful and can move internationally – bringing more success to the Australian market, opening up other networks and opportunities.”

For more information on MEGATRANS2018, which takes place 10-12 May, contact Anastasia Razdiakonova: P 03 9690 8766 E