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Telematics to take centre stage at MEGATRANS2020

Telematics to take centre stage at MEGATRANS2020

Telematics is used to monitor and report on a wide range of information relating to either an individual vehicle, or an entire fleet. Users can track the movements of their assets in real time to give visibility into location as well as things like engine performance, fuel usage, maintenance requirements and temperature of cargo.

Extremely important to the logistics industry, telematics help improve vehicle routing, maintenance, safety and even customer service, by allowing for real time updates of stock movement.

The technology will take centre stage at MEGATRANS2020, with Transport Certification Australia’s (TCA) Telematics Hub to be at the heart of explaining these products to industry.

Companies already showcasing their products at the expo include MTData, Global GPS Tracking, Teletrac Navman, Step Global, Bustle, and Eye in the Sky.